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Polaris Capital Management, LLC ( is a leading global and international value equity manager, serving the investment needs of institutions and individuals since 1995. Polaris has one of the longest global and international equity track  records of any firm presently in operation and continuously managed by the same individuals. The firm’s pure global value philosophy is a disciplined combination of proprietary investment technology and traditional fundamental research that seeks to identify the most undervalued companies worldwide.  Polaris manages assets for a growing number of institutions, retirement plans, insurance companies, foundations, endowments, and high-net-worth individuals.  Boston Investor Services and Polaris have worked together since 1995.     

Rutabaga Capital Management, Inc. is a private money manager located in Boston, Massachusetts since 1999.  Based on a value discipline, the management team seeks unloved, under-followed companies with strong market share that are experiencing difficult conditions.  The team believes in the regression to the mean concept, and seeks out companies with below normal profit margins.  Boston Investor Services and Rutabaga have worked together since 1999.

Pierre & Company, LLC ( was founded in 2001 by Michael C. Pierre and is a privately held Registered Investment Advisory Firm.  With its Focused Value U.S. Equity strategy, it provides portfolio management services through separately managed accounts along with index funds (often called a "Core-Satellite" approach).  In 2019, Pierre resumed operations with BIS after six years with Anchor Capital Advisors.  

Global Value Advisors (GVA) ( is an investment boutique specializing in long-only global and international equities.  GVA adheres to the principles of value investing and combines the discipline of quantitative investing with qualitative judgement informed by fundamental research.  GVA is organized as a division of Moody Aldrich Partners (MAP), a privately held multi-boutique investment firm with businesses specializing in high value-added investment strategies for institutions and individual investors.  Formed in 1988, MAP is an SEC registered investment advisor that has provided investment strategies to sophisticated clients for 30 years.  Boston Investor Services previously worked with Moody Aldrich Partners from 2003-2012 and began working with Global Value Advisors in 2019.

Mission Value Partners (MVP) seeks real returns while minimizing the risk of permanent capital loss. MVP began as a vehicle to invest the principals’ capital alongside like minded clients and maintains that ethos. It is currently fully invested in Japanese equities.

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