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Amy Margalit

President/COO, Managing Partner

2001 - Present

As Chief Operations Officer, Ms. Margalit oversees the operations team and facilitates the automation and integration of our clients' operations and trading systems.  In addition to actively supporting client accounts, Ms. Margalit implements both internal BIS trainings and external trainings with clients.  She helps to create the framework where reconciliation and report generation occur. 

Ms. Margalit assists with billing, reporting and trade workflow management while working collaboratively with client service teams, custodians, brokers and application vendors.  She integrates best operational practices into existing workflows as well as into new initiatives.  Ms. Margalit proactively enhances the operations program in an evolving and dynamic field.

Ms. Margalit assists with the setup and implementation of new accounting and order management systems as well as their upgrades.  She establishes internal protocols and guidelines regarding the daily processing of data within these platforms. 

Ms. Margalit earned her BA in Economics from Wesleyan University and in 2006, received her MBA from Boston College.


Elizabeth Murray

Director/CCO, Managing Partner

​1998 - Present


As Chief Compliance Officer, Ms. Murray concentrates on developing and maintaining rigorous compliance programs for some of our clients.  Ms. Murray facilitated various client transitions to automated compliance systems.  She uses her deep understanding of fund regulations to further develop the pre and post trade compliance programs for our clients.


Ms. Murray oversees the daily monitoring of the compliance program and is responsible for adhering to all domestic and international regulatory and client compliance reporting and testing. 


Her extensive experience with mutual fund compliance and exposure to firms that claim compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS), adds additional value in these areas. 

Having previously managed the operations team, Ms. Murray draws upon her experience with brokers, banks and trading to anticipate and address client needs and provide additional operational support as needed.


Ms. Murray earned a BA from St. Lawrence University.

Alysia Fullerton

Vice President of Operations

2004 - Present

Alysia Fullerton joined the BIS team in 2004 and currently manages the operations group.  In this role, she oversees interactions with traders, brokers, and custodians to provide exceptional client trade support and foreign exchange execution. Ms. Fullerton also facilitates corporate action processing.


In addition to supervising daily operations, Ms. Fullerton spearheaded numerous projects helping to streamline processes and create efficiencies companywide; this includes managing the operations and accounting of a Limited Partnership as well as generating annual Financials.


In 2010, Ms. Fullerton was promoted to the position of Officer.   In 2023, she was promoted to Vice President of Operations. 


Ms. Fullerton earned a B.S. in Economics from Suffolk University.


Dorothy Donaldson

Senior Operations Officer

2007 - Present


Dorothy Donaldson joined the BIS team in 2007.  Ms. Donaldson supports the operations group in all aspects of mid and back-office portfolio accounting, trade settlement and reconciliation.  Ms. Donaldson is the liaison between various custodians and brokers as she works to facilitate reliable and timely trade settlement. She assists with preparing monthly and quarterly client reporting and is a part of the corporate actions processing team. 

In 2014, Ms. Donaldson was promoted to the position of Operations Officer.  In January 2024, she was promoted to Senior Operations Officer.

Ms. Donaldson was inducted into the Colgate Hall of Honor in 2017.  In 2022, she was one of five women named as Trailblazers of Distinction from Colgate University in celebration with the Patriot League for the 50th anniversary of Title IX.  

Ms. Donaldson earned a B.A. from Colgate University and worked at Ameriprise Financial before joining BIS. 

Lena Caprio

Senior Compliance Officer

2014 - Present

Lena Caprio joined the BIS team in 2012 as an intern through the Northeastern University Co-op program. After completing two six-month internships with BIS, she became a permanent member of the operations team in 2014. 

As a member of the operations team, Ms. Caprio focused on daily account reconciliation and trade processing.  In 2019, she began shifting her focus toward supporting the compliance program and became an integral member of the compliance team.  Ms. Caprio was promoted to Compliance Officer in 2022 and in January 2024, was promoted to Senior Compliance Officer. 

In her current role, Ms. Caprio concentrates on the daily maintenance and testing of the compliance program, including the monitoring of client guidelines, trade evaluation, and regulatory reporting. 

Ms. Caprio earned a B.S. in Accounting and Finance from Northeastern University.

Olessia Maslov 

Compliance Officer

2002 - Present


Olessia Maslov joined the BIS team in 2002 as an intern through the Northeastern Co-op program.  After one six-month internship with BIS, she became a permanent member of the team in 2003.  Ms. Maslov initially supported the operations team, assisting with both daily and month-end account reconciliation. 

In 2010, Ms. Maslov began aiding the compliance team and was promoted to Compliance Officer in 2014.  Ms. Maslov concentrates on reporting and testing of the compliance program as well as effectuating the voting of proxies.  Ms. Maslov integrates her extensive operational knowledge and expertise to effectively assist with the monitoring of the compliance program.

Ms. Maslov earned a B.S. in Business Administration and International Business/Finance from Northeastern University and a Master's Degree in Finance from Northeastern University.


Barbara Dawley


1995 - 1999 & 2002 - Present

Barbara Dawley joined the BIS team in 1995.  Ms. Dawley briefly left the firm in 1999 to work with Investors Capital before re-joining BIS in 2002 to help with daily operations.  Ms. Dawley concentrates on back-office portfolio accounting and reconciliation.  This includes accrual accounting for income and expenses, the processing of corporate actions and assisting with generating client reporting. 

In January 2024, she was promoted to Operations Officer.

Ms. Dawley earned a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of New Hampshire.


Lucy Goreham



In 1990, Ms. Goreham joined Boston Overseas Investors, Inc., later renamed Boston Investor Services.  At the time, the firm segregated the mid and back office support from portfolio management for one large international Investment Manager.  Building on the success of this model, Boston Investor Services began providing mid and back office support for other global and domestic Investment Advisers.

Over the last 30 years, the team has administered to over $65 Billion in global assets, supporting eight different investment management firms. In 2007, Ms. Goreham became President and CEO of Boston Investor Services, Inc. and served in that role for 16 years until March 2023.  Following her retirement from Boston Investor Services, Inc., Ms. Goreham assumed the role of Chair of the Board.

Ms. Goreham earned BA degrees in Economics and Psychology from the University of Rochester in NY and a Master of Science in Finance degree from Northeastern University.  She is also a board member for the charitable SWAN society in Boston.

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