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Operations Services

BIS manages all activities related to new account and custodian setup and on-boarding.  The team facilitates post-trade processing as well as cash and position maintenance and report generation using a variety of accounting and order management systems.

BIS handles all aspects of trade settlement with international and domestic custodians and brokers. Once trade orders are placed by the investment team, our team takes care of the rest.  Our operations group works with brokers to allocate trades, confirm trade details, process all related foreign exchanges and communicate trades to custodians. We reconcile accounts daily and liaise with brokers and custodians to ensure the timely settlement of all executed trades.  

Portfolios are priced using a variety of selected vendors. Stock splits, dividend reinvestments, expenses and interest are posted to client accounts and reconciled with the bank.  Special corporate actions are researched and booked to the accounts by the BIS team based on client selection.  Proxy ballots are researched by BIS and voted per client instruction.

BIS works with investment managers to produce reports for their institutional and retail clients. Per management's request, we are able to produce preliminary and final performance and portfolio reporting. Customized weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports  as well as invoices are created on behalf of our investment manager clients.  


BIS has a comprehensive review program that monitors all aspects of U.S. fund and investment adviser regulation such as SEC, FINRA, 1940 Acts, and ERISA compliance and includes protocols that meet various Federal regulations & requirements.  Our compliance team is familiar with international regulatory monitoring and filings and has filed on behalf of our clients in numerous markets.  We have experience working with firms that claim compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS), and have assisted our client’s as they worked with 3rd Party GIPS verification firms.  Our team has experience coding and using compliance monitoring software and  has worked closely with our clients to ensure portfolio and firm wide compliance. 


BIS works with SEC examiners, auditors and other officials to accommodate client needs.

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